Why Do Women Cheat?

Most of the women have always been taught to be “Good Girls”, “Behave like a Lady” or “Grin and Bear it!”. Remember that not all the girls are made up of sugar, spice and everything nice. While there are no particular reasons why a women cheats, few reasons and pattern of cheating are common worldwide. Women tend to cheat their partner because of lack of physical intimacy in their marriage, desire to have an affair for grins and giggles or to seek revenge for being done wrong.

It is the 21st century where the women are allowed to say NO to things they don’t want, speak their mind, be a CEOs and to enjoy sex! This freedom has certainly changed the vision of women and also has made a great impact on the relationship between men and women, specifically due to the women’s behavior and actions. It is not hard to find several complaints and real life scenarios of the cheating partners, wives and girlfriends on Cheating Spouses Website.

Though women even in today’s time are exceeding the men in cheating, indeed, women are having sex and affair behind their men’s back. However, when a lady cheats, the usual reason cheats for emotional intimacy and not majorly because of physical pleasure. Women believe in investing emotions in their relationship. The want to feel wanted, irresistible and desired!

Reasons Why Do Women Cheat

Now get ready to see what we reveal about why do women cheat.

Lack of Intimacy and Attention:

A woman cannot live longer without receiving attention and love. It does not works more than weeks, years or sometimes days only. All women desire intimacy, mental and emotional attention, physical touch and caressing.

If a woman is not receiving this from their boyfriend or husband, and after a few months they will seek it from another. It might be another caring guy from their office, an attentive guy who feeds her emotional needs from friend’s circle or might be their hot boss or trainer. Women who are deprived of attention, compassion, and complements prefer to have an emotional affair. However, it does not mean it won’t lead to sex.


If a woman is being cheated then it’s very difficult to forgive and move on. For those, who have been cheated, will understand how awful it feels. She might feel sad, violated, hurt, angry and numb at the same time. It is a serious violation of the self-esteem. The moment you come to know that your man is cheating on you, your entire body begins to sweat, stomach drops and feel nauseated.

It will not only affect the mood, behavior and the ability to trust their partner but also will negative impact the relationship. When a woman is being cheated on, some of them tend to get revenge and make them feel what they have gone through. Thus, one cheating leads to next cheating. Unfortunately, this leads to nothing and never solves the problems in the relationship. The better solution to solve this is communication, increasing passion, romance, assertiveness to handle your relationship.

Bad Sex Life

Women, just like men, want to feel and experience real orgasm during sex. If your marital life or relationship is lacking sex, dealing with bad sex, nonemotional or quick sex then you both will eventually lose interest in the relationship in the need of Good Sex! This creates a cavity and temptation to seek emotional and sexual satisfaction somewhere else. The best way is to communicate your needs with each other.

Financial Independence

When a woman is financially dependent on their husband and boyfriend, it becomes difficult to argument or leaves the relationship. The fear of being financially unstable and alone keeps them on down position. However, things have changed for good, and women are making and enjoying their work, they no more look to compromise and live within an unhappy relationship. Power and Independence have given them the freedom to move out of suffocating and bore relationships.

Low Self Esteem

When a woman is bored, feels insecure about themselves, they seek validation from others. This might be in the form of emotional, sexual and intellectual attention. When someone is not in love with themselves, they project their thinking on their partner and believe that they too don’t love and value them. Even though their husband or boyfriend loves them greatly, they still choose to cheat because they find it hard to accept unconditional love and think that their man is faking it.

Feeling Under-appreciated:

When a woman is in a relationship, they are likely to please their man. They love to cook romantic dinner, listen to them with their heart, buying sex lingerie, or think of new ways to show their appreciation and love. But on return, then they don’t hear Thanks, Please, I Love You or I Miss You from their partner, they feel under-appreciated. verbal acknowledgment is meaningful for a woman. They turn to have an affair to let their man know that they are going to lose if they are taken for granted.


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