This ugly, stumpy little noodle breath is Vanny Hing and her douchebag husband marc who is also bisexual=gross. Vanny is your typical ugly, self hating little asian that had to marry a white guy (dork as he is) to validate herself and her inferiority complex of her self perceived inferior race as she calls it. but honey, it’s not your race that’s inferior it’s just you LOL. Marry a white guy doesn’t do anything but make us all and people who don’t know you laugh when they see you together cause you look like his ugly third world stumpy little maid. As for you marc, we all know dorky white guys go after ugly little asians when they have a small penis and can’t get a white girl. It’s a well known fact you couldn’t get or keep a decent girl cause or your small short lasting penis so you had to downgrade to this ugly little stump LOL. We love laughing behind your back. THANK YOU

Complaint Against a personVanny Sebastian Hing Noodle BreathWinnipeg


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