UberSlut (ain’t good enough to even be a side bitch)

You know how men think with their dick and a man can f*CK with no feelimgs? Well read on my husband did just that — oh but the kicker is Anga Harris fell in love with his Limp Dick !!!
This miserable homewrecking s**t purposely sleeps with married men. She started just messaging my husband, flirting with him through messenger, and eventually got him to go to her house. Yes, grossly he fell for the attention and tried sleeping with this whore… I say tried because he couldn’t even stay hard ~ That is how nasty she is! I confronted her and she is proud to admit that she went after him. Watch your men ladies for this cum guzzling, oompa lumpa, rolly polly looking TROLL. A sad excuse for a woman … and wonder why she is 39, single, lonely, pathetic, and don’t have custody of all her children. (ain’t no respectable man want her nasty ass)

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