Taylor Renee Propst from Tahlequah, OK and Ft Gibson. is nothing but a trashy home wrecker stds skank. I’d like to warn men, especially those with money, to be careful as she’ll suck your wallet dry to feed her METH addiction She can’t keep her legs closed when it comes to married men. She is selfish unattractive skank! Taylor is a drug addicted, needle junkie, alcoholic, and a sorry excuse for a mother! She eats pills like candy and loves shooting up methamphetamine. I should have known by how bad she smelled and that greasy hair and unshaved mess that she was a junkie she’s Always high on meth and pills. Has 2 son’s she doesn’t take care of. She continuously dates and sleeps with multiple men. SHE ALSO A THIEF! She’s extremely good at telling you what you want to hear so she can gain your trust, and then use what you tell her to reel you in even further.



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