So He’s A Homewrecker: 5 Tips To Help You Ditch Him

When it comes to dating a homewrecker, there are a number of issues that tend to arise along the way. If you are dating someone who saw no problem with wrecking your happy home, then guess what? The same tendencies that led them to you could lead them to destroy your connection the moment that they experience boredom.

Conversely, there are some who wish to leave a homewrecker behind and they struggle to find the courage to do so. While there are some who will try to stay and survive their relationship with a homewrecker, we are going to focus on the best tips for leaving once you have decided that he’s a homewrecker who is not worthy of your company.

Let’s take a closer look at the following helpful hints that will allow to leave the “he’s a homewrecker!” types in the past and find the person who you truly deserve.

1. Don’t Let Them Know Your Plans

If he’s a homewrecker, then he’s probably a very good manipulator as well. If they know that you are planning on leaving them as soon as possible, they will pull out all of the stops and turn on the charm, in hopes of inspiring you to forget your plans and stay with them for even longer.

While it might be tempting to let your homewrecker know that you are fed up with their games and their foolishness, it is best to have all of your ducks in a row first. This will keep them from being able to throw a Hail Mary pass in an effort to maintain your love and affection and save you the hassle of having to listen to them beg and plead for one more chance.

2. Assumptions Are Not Wise

When a woman is dating a man and finds out that he’s a homewrecker or she had prior knowledge of the fact, she is bound to make excuses for him and try to let him off the hook in advance. Let’s face it: we’d all like to think that we are somehow special and different from all of the other women that the person has decided to hurt.

We allow ourselves to believe that we are the exception to the rule, that he’s a homewrecker to the other women and that we won’t do that to us. This is why assumptions of this nature are not wise. You should always assume that his homewrecker ways will extend to you as well, so that you are not allowing yourself to be swayed by his attempts to keep you.

3. Actions Always Supersede Words

Homewrecker types have a sixth sense for knowing when you are about to leave and once they detected your desire to leave them, they will begin to tell you everything that they think you want to hear. While some women allow themselves to be swayed by their words, it is important to remember that their actions leading up to this moment are what have left you in your current position.

Every time he tries to tell you that things will be different or tries to suck up, this is when you need to stick to your guns and keep the current plan in effect. His actions are always going to speak much more loudly than his words ever could. Be sure to remember them well when you are starting to reconsider the decision that you have already decided to make.

4. Confide In Your Friends and Loved Ones

When we allow our misgivings about a relationship with a homewrecker to linger inside of our minds without actually speaking about them with the people who love us the most, we allow ourselves to become complacent and this is how we talk ourselves into staying, giving him just one more chance and maintaining the status quo.

While a woman should never rely strictly on her friends and family to guide her romantic decision making process, confiding in these people is great when it comes to putting the final nail in the coffin of any destructive relationship. By taking the time to speak with your most trusted confidants and sharing your concerns with them, you can receive the encouragement to finally leave the homewrecker behind for good.

5. Make A Plan For After

Breaking up with a guy after you’ve decided that he’s a homewrecker who is not right for you is actually the easy part, believe it or not. The tough part comes afterwards, when you are spending nights alone and the problems that he caused start to fade into the rear view mirror, forcing you to remember all of the good times that you had together.

That’s why you need to have a plan for what you will do once the relationship has been ended. Be sure to have plans to stay busy, catch up with old friends and pursue your long lost hobbies. If you are remaining idle after the breakup has taken place, it will only be a matter of time before you forget that he’s a homewrecker and go back on your better judgement.

When you are ready, willing and able to follow the aforementioned tips for ditching your homewrecker, you can emerge from the relationship with a whole new perspective and a newfound ability to detect lies and deceit before they have a chance to enter your life in the future and after all, isn’t that what it is all about?


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