If you got pepsi, you can have the mouth or the a*s. Shanley Weir is even willing to give you the nasty stinky p***y for a hit or some pepsi. She wants to share and will let you use her a*s to party through another night and day and night. She rents her p***y for a hit, She’s a nasty-a*s loser who would take advantage of anyone who will listen to her bullshit. She’s a thief who will rob you blind. You ripped off the wrong m**********r c**t, a*****e, keep looking over your shoulder you paranoid floozy. Swallow another load you walking drd. She rarely has the child, for their own protection and is free to give away p***y, make more children and get more money from the state. The party life and cheating with co-workers at work keep Shanley Weir pretty busy. She forgets to take a bath sometimes, brush her teeth, change her panties and is always wondering who she left her child with, she doesn’t use birth control or rubbers and hopes she gets pregnant, again. She’s always broke and wants to get higher and higher. Stay away from this gold digger she will f**k your life up, use you for your money and drugs and try and screw your life up. I’m not your ex! You can’t fix this s**t.


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