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Rick coyle koka collective gresham oregon

Rick coyle koka collective gresham oregon

Hello my name is rick coyle. Or richard james coyle. I own koka collective, im a photographer and I LOVE to cheat on my wife! I love it and do it so much that my dumb wife actually caught me but I told her id get a tattoo of her name on me so other women know I got a bitch at home. Lmao back in 2012 i met a 15 yr old online and omg! She let me dress her up and film her, anything I wanted. Wayyy sexier than my wife. I was going to leave my wife april but that 15 yr olds mom called the cops and i didnt want to risk going to jail plus I accidentally knocked april up… Twice ughh now I guess im fucking stuck with her. No one else wants her flat ass 😂😂

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