Renee Kawelo Nanakuli, Hawaii went and met up with my husband in the middle of the night in a park and claims nothing happened and that it was innocent. Yet she lied to her husband and told him she was going to walmart. If it was so innocent then why not tell your husband where you was going?!! She claims to have just been there to vent. Well honey that’s what therapist are for and from last I heard, you barely even had your high school diploma. Keep your husbands away from this lady who claims to just be there to vent

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  • It took me awhile to decide to say something or not. But because this affects my name and I feel I have no choice but to submit a response.


    The reporters name is Nicole Huihui and she is studying to be a nurse. She has listed Castle Medical Center as where she is certified per her facebook page.


    Her husband is Lathan Martinez they are both located in Hawaii Kai, HI

    Her husband contacted me after having no communication for years. He told me he was driving to walmart and that he was having issues with his wife. I KNEW HER I KNOW HOW SHE IS. I FELT SORRY FOR HIM. I told him I will come and hang out and talk. I get there, I am all about the issues trying to help him but he had other intentions. I guess the guy I respected turns out he is a cheater. So I think he thought I was going to have sex with him. He kept touching and at one point forced his hand down my pants, he kissed me and I kept redirecting the conversation to his issues with his wife. He told me things about them moving and how she doesn’t do shit all day and how she spends all the money he earns. He makes over 100K he said working and they don’t own a house because of her. He said she cheats. But like I said I respected him I didn’t know he was a cheater and that is something he did normally. He forced my hand to touch him. He grabbed me multiple times even though I kept pulling away. He told me if I wanted to get a room with him. I told him no I have a family I have to go home to. I wished him luck and felt nasty after that I was stupid enough to think that I could help someone and it would be innocent.


    A day after I was contacted by him which I never responded she then contacted me which I knew was going to happen because she is a detective. She knows all his log in information and kept track of everything. Anyways she texted, face booked me and called me. I told her that I never had sex with him. I told her to deal with her husband that I have nothing to do with their issues. I confirmed the meet up but at that time I thought he was an ok guy just drunk and emotional {I made excuses for him} I told her nothing about how he was trying to fuck me. I gave her all she needed to know which was we never had sex or intercourse. More then a year later now she contacts me to tell me Lathan has STD’s and I should get tested. UM NEVER HAD SEX WITH HIM!


    I told her stop causing drama and that she is a manipulator and that she needs to work on treating her husband better {still didn’t know he was slimy like her} she then tells me, then why does he still beg to be with me. She acts like I a care at this point knowing what I know about how crazy they both are. She tells me also in a previous convo I am not the only one that he has cheated a ton before but yet posts me on cheaters sites and home wrecker sites. I guess my conversation and his assault on me meant that I wrecked her home? I am so magical that within one meet I could have stole her husband. Anyways I told her that she should stop with the drama, stop getting into everyone elses business like she always does and mind her own and take care of her own husband then he wouldn’t be fucking around.





    He believes me because dispite dropping out of High school to have our first baby he knows I am not a liar. Nicole I will be submitting this information over to your employeer/school and I will be talking with my husband to see if I should contact the police. I had my attorney advise me to press charges against Lathan. I didn’t want to deal with all of this and your using your last name to threaten me ISNT WORKING. I could give a crap. So have fun with your cheating ways and making people feel sorry for you as if you are the victim.

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