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It’s hard to pinpoint the city and state for Paul because up until a couple of weeks ago he lived with me in KY and I don’t know if he’s conned anyone to move in with them yet… But anyone who is interested in, or being pursued by Paul Bedell, needs to read this…
I started talking to Paul last January on Tinder. I thought he was decent looking, seemed good on paper, and was easy to talk to. He had this cocky badass vibe going on that was somewhat intriguing to me. He was working on a project in Charleston SC for work at the time and we literally talked all day every day the first couple of weeks getting to know each other. The connection was very strong from the beginning and we had crazy chemistry before we even met face to face. He flew into Louisville a week earlier than planned just because he wanted to meet me. It was great. He brought me flowers, said all the right things, was so attentive, made me feel so special, and at that point, I was hooked. He would send me songs throughout the day that reminded him of me, and even compiled a whole playlist of “our songs”. We became intimate very quickly, which is not the norm for me, but it felt natural to do so. On the night of our second date, he said I was his “girlfriend” and he only wanted to date me. I was fine with that because I wouldn’t have been intimate if my intentions weren’t to be in a committed relationship eventually. BUT, he’s the one who said he didn’t want me to date anyone else, vice versa, I wasn’t pressuring it whatsoever. Everything was going fine, I went out to Charleston to spend the weekend with him the following week. First red flag… I took pics of us on the beach and tagged him on Facebook. He never accepted the tag, which made me wonder if he was hiding something or what. Something was off because he made a big deal out of it and then unfriended me on FB. His reason was that he doesn’t share anything personal on social media AND he had just ended a “2-week relationship” he had with someone else and didn’t want to hurt her feelings. So against my better judgment, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and just dropped it. (Much later in our relationship I found out he never ended it with her before as he said, and technically had a “girlfriend” for the first few months we were dating.)
He told me he’s a recovering heroin addict and has been sober for 10 years… WRONG! He’s on Suboxone and takes 2-3 times more than what he’s prescribed, which he buys from a dealer. He also takes Adderall, which he’s not prescribed. He drives around in commercial vehicles, high on drugs, and has a suspended driver’s license. Not sure how that works as an area manager for a trucking company…. Paul is required to travel most of the time for work and would typically come home on weekends. His lease was ending on the house he was renting in New Albany IN, so we both agreed it would make more sense for him to move in with me since he spent all of his time when he was in town at my house anyway. I have 2 boys that instantly liked him and looked up to him. Paul has a baby girl and I loved her like she was my own. Over the next couple of months, Paul’s attitude about everything changed. He definitely wasn’t that sweet, romantic guy that I was beginning to fall for. He became moody, distant, showed zero affection, and was always finding things wrong with me that I needed to change, which I did or at least tried to.. I wanted to please him and just wanted the other Paul back. I put up with a lot of c**p that I normally wouldn’t because he expressed that he was having problems with depression and anxiety, and I didn’t want to turn my back on him. It just got worse. When he was home, he was CONSTANTLY on his phone. He always said it was work-related, and I began to let go of my insecurities and trust him. (Btw, I have major trust issues from past relationships that he was fully aware of.) He has looked me in my eyes countless times and told me he wants me, no one else, and wants our relationship to be successful. For example, on May 1st, he sent a text saying how happy he was with how things were going with us and couldn’t remember the last time he’s been so happy in his personal life. Years and years, he said. I loved hearing that. It made me happy that he was happy. Well… Just recently found out he sent flowers to a coworker he was involved with just a few days after that. Not only was he involved with her, I found out he was involved with several other women. I’ve talked to 2 of them and they had no idea he had a girlfriend, and certainly didn’t know he was living with one. Apparently he would pursue women in whatever city he was working in, lie and say he would be moving to that city, and was looking for a “companion, partner, and committed relationship”. He would talk/hook up with women in the city he was in during the week, and come home to his loving girlfriend on the weekends, lucky me…
I’ve been in plenty of bad relationships in my life, and have been cheated on before. It sucks and it hurts, but I’ve NEVER seen cheating and lying on this level. He doesn’t think twice to look his girlfriend in the eye, blatantly lie, and then make her feel bad forever questioning him or being suspicious, all while he’s on dating apps and texting other women to meet up. And he’s SOOO convincing… My intuition is usually on point with this sort of thing, but he TOTALLY had me fooled… That’s why I almost feel like it’s my duty to expose what he’s done and what he’s capable of, just to warn any of his future conquests/victims. I know I wish I would’ve had insight on the REAL Paul Bedell before investing almost a year of my life, opening my house to him and his daughter, and exposing my children to a narcissistic sociopath. When confronted with all of the cheating and lies, he admitted that he had done everything I accused him of. He said he should’ve ended things sooner but he just didn’t care enough to. I’m the one who broke up with him because I was tired of the way he treated me. I didn’t even know about all of the cheating at the time. He seriously would’ve kept up this double life forever. He had plenty of chances to get out, but he always assured me that this is what he wanted. Bottom line, if his mouth is moving he’s lying.
I truly believe Paul is a misogynist. He speaks horribly about his mother and sister, blames his ex-wife for his credit, debt, and lack of money even though they’ve been divorced for years. He blames his daughter’s mom for getting pregnant (like she did that on her own?) and calls her a c-word. He basically blames ALL of his life problems on women, and now I’m sure I’m on that list. He said he was “jaded” by me… WTF?? That’s laughable. I packed up all of his belongings and set them outside last weekend for him to pick up. He actually had the nerve to pick through what he wanted and left all of the c**p he didn’t want for me to dispose of. As if he didn’t put me through enough already… Paul ONLY cares about himself and doesn’t take responsibility for anything. My advice is if you ever cross paths with Paul Bedell- RUN!!!!!!!
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