This dirty b1tch is fuked up on so many levels. First she is jealous of people she always talks sh1t about certain people with my mom and goods and be nicest to her face, talk about a b1tchmove, jealous cause she can’t control her mom she puts her own baby sister callie down wishes she was dead or not even around because she ruined her mom’s life. Meanwhile it was her own pathetic a55 who ruined her mom’s life and the relationship between her other daughters. She likes to also feed kids pills she did it to my oldest sister who calls this crack whore mom. She’s ruined so many young lives she was also in Pritchard house feeding the young adults there pills than taking them out tryna do snatching and runs from seven 11. Pathetic right?. She has a kid with her wife’s husband the little red head and said jacko is her real dad ha that’s a joke she looks nothing like him. Thank cathy bird for starting that rumour the big fat b1tch who also beats her kids that’s why they get along so well, they enjoy beating their kids, her poor kids are gonna grow up to be just like nicki. Who runs off every time she gets money to go smoke cracks ha where her mom actually found her daughter and her own husband at a crack shack. She’s went to more rehabs than I can out on my beautiful shellac nails, . How I found that out the world’s biggest mouth also her own very stepsister Cathy! If you ever wanna know information go to her she let’s you in on all the secrets.

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