Ms. Gay Tramp Lynn Prosek Yound and Mr. Allen Earl BEARDEN Jr.

Ms. Gay Tramp Lynn Prosek Yound and Mr. Allen Earl BEARDEN Jr.

This “God fearing” woman has cheated and ruined families, friends and children’s lives. As a “woman” of advanced age somehow and I have absolutely no idea how keeps reeling men in and once she uses them of money she’s done. Her latest conquest is Allen Bearden of Marion, Illinois. He has been married over twenty years with two amazing children. Allen left in February 2019 and within a month and a half he was engaged to Gay. When he left his family he left all the financial stress on his wife and chose to pay for Gay a new apartment with all the furniture her little heart desired among other things. While all this was happening he continued to send texts pleading to go back home to his wife and would send songs and say how he doesn’t love Gay and she can’t cook and he can’t help how ugly she is on and on and I personally seen the texts. However, he was telling Gay the opposite. Gay has called and texted his wife and threatened not only her but her children. I understand her feeling of being inferior because his “wife” is everything she isn’t but a line was crossed and he didn’t even care. So look out for this one because she will always be on the prowl to secure herself in her old age. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”.



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