Michelle Winners — Golddigging Floozy

Michelle Winners — Golddigging Floozy

Michelle Winners, a.k.a. “gold digging floozy” tries to at like she is hot sh1t but really she’s a washed up piece of trash. Someone please let her know she is absolutely ape sh1t, probably doesn’t know the alphabet but in reality all she knows is how to suk d1ck if she is getting paid for it. I really would love to know why she thinks she is hot sh1t, in reality she looks like a man that is disguised as a woman, that’s why everyone calls her tranny. She is ugly inside and out.She uses a fake high voice to try and appear more feminine, when in reality everyone thinks she is a man. Everyone in newport beach hates her, and can see right through her bullsh1t. Someone please get this woman out of our eyesight so we can live and breathe in the world peacefully! I feel bad for her poor kids. To have a mom like that must be living hell. Nobody likes you tranny.

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