Michael Kay- Disbarred Lawyer And Sexual Predator

This old and creepy midget, Michael Kay of Winnipeg, has recently changed his last name, going from “Kalo” to “Kay”. The scam bag has done so to hide his real identity from his colleges and clients at the big Law Firm (‘Pitblado’) he is currently with. He is in fact a lawyer who was disbarred in the past, after strong allegations of bestiality were made against him. Even his family money did not help him then. Yes, he has since then changed his name, attended therapy sessions (paid for by the Law Society), moved to a remote house out the city (Headingly), and somehow also managed to go back to practicing law. Never the less, he is still considered a wacko, known for insisting on bringing his two big dogs everywhere with him, including to the office daily and to the Synagogue on Saturdays and Jewish holidays. My fellow residents of Winnipeg: keep your pets away from this sick guy, and let others know about his name change!

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