Lacey-jade Larabie — Winnipeg, Canada

Lacey-Jade Larabie married a man that is a transvestite, his name is Parker Vaalene. He left her a*s when he came home cough her in bed having s*x with 3 black men at same time. She always been a stuck up b***h and floozy, but at least a hot stuck up b***h. That is, until now. She has COMPLETELY ruined herself by getting huge fake t**s and ugly a*s lip injections that make her look like a bee stung duck. Lacey was in her prime back in 2011-2012, not a single operation to alter her already perfect appearance. her t**s were fine, her face was fine, but now she is a fake blown up plastic doll and the look doesn’t even look good on her, it is utterly ridiculous. no wonder he doesn’t want her back. Take a good look at this cheating w***e, she likes to hookup with black guys who are stupid enough to believe her lies. She needs constant attention and constant c**k from people she just meets. If you’re looking for a w***e and are a little light on cash, Lacey will probably jump your bone for free in the backseat of a car, just buy her some Pepsi. She f***s mostly guys in Winnipeg and surrounding states, just get to her and f**k.


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