I know there are MANY of us out there that have been fooled by Jon Leahy and now have had to get tested because of his disgusting, dirty c**k. He will smooth talk his way into your life and use his money to make you trust him…but DON’T. He is a liar and a filthy cheater and holds down multiple relationships at the same time. No one should ever rent an apartment from him or own a house by JLC HOMES. He is manipulative and doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants…he’s selfish in all aspects of his life and he will make you feel like you did something wrong. Be strong ladies…he will say all the right things but it is all LIES! His old man body and crooked teeth should be a red flag…along with the fact that he’s TERRIBLE and extremely SELFISH in the bedroom. He is disgusting and will toss you aside as soon as he’s bored or gets caught, SO STAY AWAY!!

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