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Jessica Bird — Trash

This fugly b is probably the worst thing to happen to this world and I feel sorry for anyone that’s get involved with her because everyone has their business spread and so much more. She literally makes stroies up about people because she’s super mentally ill and doesn’t know the truth from a lie. Her family is full of fas babies that weren’t wanted nor planned just a bunch of mistakes that cfs had to sadly take care of. She loves old men and especially Pervy ones that prey on young girls. She aloud her pedo brother around tons of kids and put them at harms ways clearly not caring about the risks she was putting any of those innocent souls at. Never warned any of the parents that her brother did stuff to his own flesh and blood and that there’s a very real possibility that he would to any other kid he was neglected with. I pray he hasn’t got any one of those poor poor children. Even her own. That she sadly messed up herself the way she couches him and teaches him to do and say things he shouldn’t. Don’t get me started about how she was dumb enough not to know she was pregnant with him for 5 months and was smoking crank and drinking hard core while selling herself for booze and a place to sleep. She slept with so many men that she doesn’t even know who the father is and ended up suckering some old bald dude that gets abused by her. She got her sisters kid taken away because she was doing the stuff she does and didn’t like the fact that even though she was still a better mother. She hides behind her big sister when all the sh!t she talks catches up to her and that’s sad because she claims to be a real big shot and super tough. I can’t help but feel sorry for her because she’s in her 30’s and still doesn’t know better which means she’s obviously mentally disabled. The poor sack guy she’s with is in his 50’s and yet she still feels the need to talks down on other people’s relationships. I really wish she would get the help she so desperately needs. So please people stay clear of this person she’s not anyone you wanted to be involved with she has the mentality of a young dumb teenager. I guess that’s why she gets drunk with teenagers and gets them high and couches them to have sex in her basement. She really is a disgusting person. Feel sorry for that kid of hers because he’s going to grow up with no morals. Such a pity that the lord allows humans like this to be born and live amongst us. So please beware people!!!

Complaint Against a PersonWinnipeg

Jessica BirdJessica Bird — Trash

Complaint Against a personJessica BirdJessica Bird — TrashWinnipeg


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