Jennifer Calcagni Brown Engineering Reading Pa cheater

Jennifer Calcagni who lives in Lauredale(Reading, Pa) is a married woman with 2 children. She thrives on sleeping with married men. as she is also married but has since left her family. now she is currently sleeping with a david williams also of reading and she is using him for whatever reason. she makes her life seem terrible so that these guys fall for her. she may look pretty at first but she really is ugly. strech marks all over, eyes are a little crossed, fat, and i am certain that her vagina is extremely beat up and dripping disease. her face looks deformed. she plays a good role as being a nice person but that is just a disguise. this woman should be alone she doesnt deserve to be with any man. she even slept with a co-worker! who knows how many men she has slept with. she seems to get around rather quickly. and she really will do any form of sexual acts. she swallows and she is a cum dumpster. anal loving pig. she is located on the 3100 block of marion ave if your looking for an easy lay

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