Jasmine Marie Lavallee — Pothead Drd 18 Year Old Mom

jasmine is a goofy rat b1tch who not only sleeps with every guy she lays eyes on but cant keep her legs closed for 40 year old men she smokes about 50 Popper bong rips a day while her 2 year old child is in the room with no window open and no door open shes a fat fuk who stinks like sewer water she doesnt know how to clean her pu55y her underwear are full of gross ass yellow crust that stinks up the room the b1tch cant even take care of herself let alone her kid this b1tch swears at her kid every time she opens her mouth telling her kid to shut the fuk up and fuk off and call her kid a dumb piece of sh1t kid she cant even keep a man for 5 months jasmines an no good rat every chance she gets she calls the cops she called the cops on her own bestfriend ill pay someone 100 dollars to fuk this rat b1tch up fuking nasty drd walking slore your a no good un educated ugly anorexic piece of sh1t kys ugly slore jasmine not only has a smelly a55 vagina but has yellow a55 teeth and yellow tounge b1tch always partys and drinks with her kid in her home what a dumb northside b1tch hope u get done in one day used up slob go sell your a55 again washed up slore go fuk some more niggas with ur loose a55 pu55y

Complaint Against a personJasmine Marie LavalleeJasmine Marie Lavallee — Pothead Drd 18 Year Old MomWinnipeg


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