How to know if your unfaithful wife is a cheating spouse?

Though women are more sensitive and faithful than men but get emotionally connected to someone else other than their partner due reasons like better understanding and financial security. Most of the people are mistaken and think that only men raise the issues of infidelity which is not right. These days, a number of cases with wives as the cheating spouses is on the rise. The infidelity statistics says that the number has grown unexpectedly during past half century.

Though the data reveals here is adulterated as most of the spouse fear to declare their secrets.

Statistics About Cheating Women:

  • Approximately 14% of the wedded ladies broke the trust of the nuptial knot by having at least one affair after getting married.
  • 14% of the unfaithful wives have sexual relations after getting married.
  • Playboy Magazine states that approximately 81% of the ladies flirt on the daily basis with opposite sex members.
  • Approximately 50% of the boyfriends or husbands find their suspicion as right and call their girlfriends and wives as cheating spouse.
  • 2 out of every 3 ladies have sex with their co-workers in their thoughts. Though they are not cheating their spouses but such thoughts germinate the seeds of infidelity in their mind.
  • 40% of the women have extramarital relations around the age of 40.
  • How to track that your wife is cheating on you?

Some Red flags To Know If Your Wife Is Cheating:

  • If the social pattern of your wife is observing unexpected change: Watch your instincts and verify your suspicion before confronting to her. Watch how she treats people. Also, observe how she behaves with the people of your side; like friends and family members. Has she maintained distance with them?

The reasons can be-

  • Those people are close to husband and can reveal the truth to him. They might tell him that something is cooking.
  • All the people on the husband’s side may get hurt with the step she has taken and she has to answer all of them. It will make her feel guilty.
  • Modification in behavior at home: Track how often she spends time with her friends outside.
  • Are those girlfriends, boyfriends or both?
  • Has the time increased unexpectedly?

If those are female friends, the chances of infidelity are low, but it’s pretty possible that she is using her girlfriend for getting an emotional support and shares all her personal issues with her. If you suspect her, walk behind her without making her doubt your intentions. Furthermore, if she is going out with some sexy and appealing outfit and changes her mood immediately after a phone call, there are possibilities that someone special has entered her life.

  • If you’re cheating spouse disappears for long: If this is the case and she claims that she had been shopping but the stores did not have anything attractive and she has to come back empty handed, her elusive response could be an indication that she has been lying.
  • Listen to her communication carefully: Women have a strong urge to discuss their affairs and exciting moments with someone else. If her communication revolves more around a new friend of opposite sex and her expression changes as you come closer to her, beware. She also might have a fake name to prevent any suspicion issues. She might be talking about Peter instead of Patricia.
  • Has her smoking or drinking habits have changed? If she was not drinking or smoking earlier but has suddenly changed her habits or smells with either one, she has become a partner of crime.
  • Has she become more workaholic? If she was more interested in staying at home earlier but now stays on frequent business tours, she could be a cheating spouse. Furthermore, often going to grocery store, bank, and salon alone could be alarming signs too.
  • Watch out her spending habits: Have a discreet look in her purse and check the credit card statements or receipts, if the extravagance has increased dramatically and she hesitates to reveal the truth to you, your wife might be a cheating wife.

Furthermore, ask yourself some questions like

  • Has she maintained distance with you while earlier she was greeting you with lots of enthusiasm?
  • Does she answer all her phone calls secretively?
  • Does she nag you often and none of your habits appeal her?
  • Does she avoid eye contact while talking to you?
  • Has the sexual behavior changed and she shows lesser interest in you now?
  • Does she spend more time on computers and cell phones and closes the window as you pass by?
  • Does she share fewer details with you while earlier she was very descriptive about them?
  • Does she groom and spruces up her more often?
  • Is her shopping bag is full of more sexy outfits?
  • Is she more interested in shaping her body now?
  • Does she shower herself in the gym usually after the workout?
  • Has she joined clandestine communication communities without your notice and when asked insists on being its member?

Remember, if the answers to all the above questions are in ‘YES’ you might have a cheating spouse. Report A Cheater


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