How To Catch Your Cheating Spouse?

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You are suspicious and suspect infidelity about your spouse, never reach him without a proof. Also, do not give him a chance to prepare himself mentally for the answers. Though it is necessary to talk about the relationship issues but remember, a cheating spouse will never confess infidelity until you present all the evidence in front of him. Even when you show him the substances he will keep lying to you. Though some of these ways might raise ethical issues but are highly effective in grasping him. Check out some cheating methods to clutch your cheating spouse. The methods rely on surveillance and careful observation system-

Tips for discovering truth of a cheating spouse

Even when you know that your husband/ wife has been lying to you, it is good to interrogate him with certain questions like-

  • Where were you?
  • What you have been doing though everybody came back from the office on time?
  • Who were you with etc?

You can discover the truth of your cheating spouse in two ways

  • Most of the truths are discovered unintentionally:In most cases, deception or infidelity is discovered accidentally in the form of two movie tickets, an unpaid parking ticket, an email sent to a wrong person unintentionally, a telephonic conversation with any of his friend etc. All this happens when you come home early and get evidence about your spouse’s whereabouts fortuitously.
  • Surveillance camera:Monitor your husband through this means though it is unethical to do so. However, you will have strong evidence in your support if you get it installed.

Practical Tips for clutching your husband’s activities

  • Track all the incoming phone calls.
  • Write down all the dates and the places your spouse was involved with someone else. Associate these details with the phone calls, ATM withdrawals, credit card statements etc so that he/she can’t fool you. Do not make him any opportunity to change his story and raise questions on your memory.
  • Pay a visit to his workplace or your own home unexpectedly. You can also tell beforehand that you will come home late due to additional work pressure but come home early and catch him red-handed.
  • Pay attention to unusual call logs and their duration. Remember, your cheating spouse would never save his/her lover’s or co-worker’s name by the original name.
  • Buy activated voice recorders .You can also download some Computer monitor software to monitor the activities of your cheating spouse.
  • Never show all the collected evidence to your spouse in one go. Remember, if your husband is creating any infidelity issue, he will never confess and will be busy in concocting stories. Use remaining evidence at that very time when he lies. Use all the evidence strategically.
  • Even though you are suspicious about his activities, never confront without strong evidence and thereby get his confession. Remember, your husband might also be using your evidence in a clever manner. His wordings could be – “We were just joking around”, “I was flirting with her”, “You have misunderstood”, “We are just friends”, or “such is not the case darling” etc. Get your answers ready when he is likely to say all this.

Some more striking products, techniques and services intended to catch a cheating spouse

  • Computer Monitoring Software:You can establish an explicit record of all your spouse activities and watch him online.
  • GPS tracking devices:This is one of the high-end devices that you can purchase. It is a global positioning device that can track any vehicle’s position 24×7, 365 in a year.
  • Cell Phone Monitoring Applications: You can keep a track of all the activities of your spouse via this means.
  • Have a watch on your spouse’s online profile: If he has hidden his profile and hesitates to reveal his details to you, it’s time to doubt. However, it’s a good way to keep track on your spouse’s activities.
  • Forensic Infidelity Tests:You can submit your spouse clothing in forensic department. It works as wonderful biological evidence to track if you have a cheating spouse.
  • Surveillance equipment installed at home: You can buy unseen cameras and voice activated devices to record the dialogues in various shapes and sizes.
  • Background checking of your spouse:You can call his friends, colleagues and family members and enquire about his past in a casual manner. Do not create any suspicion in their mind otherwise if they are very close to him/her they can lie to you. Furthermore, if you suspect that your spouse has told many lies beforehand; it’s the best way to go for a background check.
  • Hire private investigators:If you can afford to hire a private and licensed investigator, this would be the quickest way to unveil the clandestine story. They can provide you all the proofs in the form of pictures and voice recorded messages.

The above-mentioned ways are some of the most popular and workable methods and you can at least tell your spouse that your suspicion is not your belief; you have strong evidence for it.


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