How Dating Complaints Helps Victims of Liars on Online Dating Sites

A free site to share dating scam stories and reporting a cheater

Online dating is said to be one of the most effective ways to look for real love. Every single man or woman is looking to finally meet someone who will be willing to share a lifetime with him or her. Yet sometimes, a person who is serious about finding love online falls into the hands of a liar or user. Indeed, online dating is fun and exciting, but it is also quite dangerous, knowing that you don’t really know the person you’re talking to.

As a matter of fact, online dating is not a safe thing to find a person worthy of your trust. Instead of finding your Mr. or Ms. Right, you meet someone who looks a boyfriend or girlfriend material but is actually after having fun and fooling people. Some people are discouraging people from trying online dating as it comes with some drawbacks, such as:

  • Since you have unlimited options for a partner, you may find a hard time in looking for a person who is eager to commit.

    Having limitless number of potential dates can’t only make a person feel not satisfied with his or her ultimate decision, yet it could also result to not thinking of choosing just one. Online dating actually discourages people to settle down and be willing to commit to just one partner since they have unlimited options to choose from, making one wanting to try dating one and then another or more at the same time.

  • Online dating sites are places where cheaters can be found.

    When sign up for online dating, you are not certain that all people you will be meeting are singles. Some people may be single, yes they are, but they have the habit of entering a relationship with 2 or more people. This is a sad fact and it really happens in real life. Even the married ones use online dating to grab the opportunity to cheat on their spouses.

  • You are not sure if the person you meet online is the same with the one you will be meeting soon offline.

    Other members of online dating sites rather choose to hide their real identity under the mask. That is, they put fake information or photos on their profiles. If you will not be careful, you may be fooled by one. He or she may be able to convince you to believe in everything he or she shares online but it will be too late for you to run away when you meet him or her personally and learned that something is wrong.

If any of these things happened on you today or in the past, it will be really hard to forget everything. You may feel so sorry for yourself and keep blaming yourself for being a fool one. Well, it is never too late for you to demand for justice for what the person did to you. It is where Dating Complaints can help you out.

What is Dating Complaints? is a website that was designed to be for those people who became victims of liars and cheaters on online dating. It is where you can discover the names of those people who were publicized as liars and cheaters. This website is accepting complaints and issues of different types associated with online dating. Are you one of the victims of online dating scam? Fight for your rights as an individual! Make the best and the sweetest revenge with the help of

How to Make Use of

It is so easy to report a cheater on If you met a cheater on an online dating site, you can use this website to file a complaint and to inform other people about your case. You get the justice that you deserve through revealing the truth about that person to public. Just imagine how it will be shameful on the part of liars and cheaters. is the website where you can instantly submit a dating complaint against someone. It is also a safe and sound place online where you can share your personal experience about online dating scam. If you have the heart of helping others spare themselves from danger, you can help them as well through the assistance of this website. You just need to report a cheater and will take care of the rest.

Find Out How to Be Safe While Dating Someone Online

However, does not mean that you should never try online dating at all. The website cares about only your safety, in which the website shared some helpful tips on how one can stay safe while dating someone online. It is always too risky to trust someone you just met online. You don’t know the real story about the life of that person in reality. How can you be so sure that he or she is not a liar or a cheater?

In this matter, the last thing you will do is to meet the person off the web camera. It is where accidents mostly take place. can help you stay safe while you courageously meet your chat mate offline. You can visit now their website to proceed on their dating tips section where you will get tips on how you can stay safe from harm while dating somebody online. These tips will help you a lot to be wiser in choosing a partner and in assessing his or her personality.

To get started in using the service offered by, you just need to sign up and read their terms and conditions to completely understand how the website works. Once you are already registered on this website, you can go back there and find out if there are any complaints filed against the person you’re dating today.

So as you can see, it is very easy to use this website. So what are you still waiting for? Share your scam story and let DatingComplaints offer you a shoulder to lean on. For sharing your scam story and reporting a cheater, please visit


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