How Can Someone Become a Cheating Spouse?

Nothing is worse than knowing from other people that they saw your husband/wife with someone else. On top of the first shock that would hit you, it can be a huge damage to your self-esteem and great embarrassment. If you think that you have a cheating spouse, this article will help you understand why your husband/wife is cheating on you. You need to understand that there’s a pattern how cheating starts, and there are signs of cheating that you need to be aware of.

There’s a pattern in marriage that can provide you the idea of how your partner has ended cheating up on you. Understanding this would mean knowing the things without having your partner explain his/herself first. The pattern can occur over a period of time, so knowing something as early as possible can help you identify if the cheating has not occurred yet. Just read more information below about cheating spouse and see if your current situation matches them.

First, your marriage will begin going through bumps and holes in the road, such as lack of needs and attention. These bumps and holes will allow your spouse to gain negative thoughts such as hatred, fear, jealousy, anger, etc. towards you. These thoughts will be able to control your spouse’s action through cussing, drinking, gambling, and the worse, cheating. This would only take a simple temptation from a very sympathetic ear and it can already start to develop an emotional spark that can lead to a physical affair. Probably, you’ve already heard about the tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse, but understanding about the emotional signs that they’re cheating on you can change everything. These can really be hard to spot, especially if your marriage has already reached the point where both of you aren’t making any proper communication to each other.

A lot of married people worry that their husband/wife might be cheating on them. People who admit cheating on their spouse is continuously rising and the internet constantly making it much easier for people to do this. Due to emotional dissatisfactions, people often get bored in their marriage after some period of time. Some end up becoming a cheating spouse upon realizing that their marriage is just a cycle of ups ad down and they start considering good as bad. Other people cheat because they are constantly looking for more or new thrill. Those mentioned in latter group are never happy with only one partner and most likely the people who are married and divorced many times as they weren’t able to find the contentment that they desire.

If you’re worried that your husband/wife is cheating on you, be aware of these emotional signs to identify if they’re really cheating on you:

  1. Non-communicative

    The first emotional sign of a cheating spouse is being non-communicative, especially if he/she used to tell you silly stories or share his/her office gossip, then suddenly they have nothing to share to you. This can be a sign that your spouse is already communicating with someone else. It can possibly be online or in real life. You should try communicating with your husband/wife in order for you to see if there’s something going on in your marriage.

  2. Criticizing everything you do

    Oftentimes, a cheating husband/wife will find faults in everything you do. Usually, they get angry with themselves because they feel very guilty about being a cheating spouse, however, they will vent out all of it on you.

  3. Accusing you of cheating

    There are some cases where a person who’s cheating accuses his/her spouse of cheating. Because of the guilt that they are feeling, they think that their spouse might also be doing the same thing as him/her. If your spouse suddenly accuses you of cheating without any basis, out of the blue, there’s a huge possibility that they’re doing it him/herself.

  4. Emotional shut down

    If your husband/wife shuts down emotionally around you, there are chances that he/she is a cheating spouse. This is more than just non-communicative, because they completely shuts down from anyone, even his/her own family members. Only a very few people were able to deal with prospect of two relationships so it’s not unusual for someone to emotionally shut down they they’re in more than one relationship.

  5. Verbally abusive

    Some cheating husbands/wives are too shamed with great guilt due to the affair that they have that they suddenly become verbally abusive in hopes that you’ll either leave them or just confront them about these actions. In a lot of cases, the person who has a cheating spouse completely knows that there’s something wrong in the relationship and only refuses to completely acknowledge it.

  6. The person who’s cheating desperately wants to be caught as they don’t want to lead a dual life. Sometimes, they just want to get divorce, while others just want attention. Either ways, both try to turn things to head with the verbal abuse.

The emotional signs that your spouse is cheating can also be the signs of many other problems that your spouse might currently be experience and burdened to. If you are suspecting that you have a cheating spouse, you can sign up on cheating spouse websites in order for you to have a guide, information, and necessary advice about what needs to be done in order to save your relationship or caught him/her on act.

Hopefully, this will help you answer some of the questions that bother you have the signs of having a cheating spouse. Of course, there are a lot of other things that need to be figured out and if you’re interested look for more guides and advice online. You need to give a lot of attention to your spouse especially during the hard times so that he/she won’t end up cheating on you. Be aware of the things mentioned above because those might be the small things that you could possibly miss out that pushes them to cheat every time.


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