Gregory Barfell — San Antonio, Texas

A civil engineer at Klein and Cope Engineering Firm by day, and a stalker of young Japanese girls by night and weekend, Gregory Barfell is a disgrace to his family and the city of San Antonio, Texas. He puts so much time into his stalking that he’s starting to rethink the time he puts into weed sales, it cheats him of so much time he could be spending with his “girls.” He pretty much dropped out of the fake social scene at Sonterra Country Club, those a******s are all so plastic. F**k them, there’s other weed dealers in the club, they buy their Xanax from his sister Kaitlin, she knows every dopeboy, she’s f*****g two of them, cheating on one with the other. This is a f****d up family. Daddy Bruce had to marry mommy Sarah, after he knocked her up while cheating on his girlfriend at the time. Sarah is Miss Plastic, all fake and hooked on her daughters’ pills. She has her eye on Shaquan, the dopeboy with the endless supply of Xanax. She knows she’ll have to get to know him better, while Bruce is drinking with one of the cheating s***s at Sonterra. She likes his gold teeth and the bulge in his crotch. She’s so stupid she doesn’t know that’s his stash!

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