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There are many websites that help men and women to report a cheater online so that it is beneficial to the individual who was cheated on, as well as individuals that are likely to be cheated by the cheater. This is an opportunity where by reporting a cheater, you can get revenge for being cheated while also making sure that the cheater’s game is ending soon. We have all had our fair shares of dating a cheater and for others who still don’t know what that feels like, lucky them. And that is also why you need to report a cheater.

Dating a cheater can damage you more than you think. When you find out that he has cheated you or he/she was sleeping with your best friend, you lose your ability to trust anyone after that. Your relationships after your breakup with a cheater are always filled with suspicion and you always desperately hope that the other person is not a cheater. Sometimes the damage is so strong that you feel that your partner is cheating on you when in reality, he is not.

If only there were signs that told you when one was a cheater. Apparently, there are a few signs that are easy to identify in a cheater. These signs are minute details until that minute you realize that there is a lot of similarity between them and your partner. So when you find these signs close to a partner, report that cheater and make sure that he doesn’t get to play the game anymore.

How to Spot a cheater:

Before you get to the phase where you want to report cheater you should be careful on spotting one. Many online sites that help people reporting a liar or cheater are filled with personal experiences from the people that were cheated on, in order to give better clarity on what this ‘cheater’ is like, before heading out to set the internet on warning alerts. Pay attention to the details of your relationship with that cheater before you choose to report. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be a little extra careful when it comes to trusting your relationship with someone.

Focus on the big and small details of your partner. Here are a few signs to watch out for.

  • Cancelling plans: Is your partner constantly cancelling plans in the last minute? Is he always apologizing and making up to it later without a genuine explanation about what it was? Chances are, he was with the ‘other woman’ that is jeopardizing your relationship and it is time for you to report him. In the throws of action or just the passion, cheaters tend to lose track of time. Even the best of liars need a great deal of talent to juggle between two women on the same day, at close timings. If your partner is always cancelling plans with an emergency office meeting or showing up late to your dinners saying he was “caught up with something” it is pretty clear that it was a certain someone that he was caught up with. You need to wait and see if there are other signs of him cheating before you want to report him as a cheater.
  • Perfumes and Colognes of a mix: This one is a classic sign that tells you when your partner is cheating on you and makes it the right time to report a trickster. When you are dating your man for a long period of time, you know when their perfume does not smell like the usual. Your intimate moments will tell you that he smells a bit like him and a lot like someone else. Bodily contact tends to mix fragrances and the next time you smell floral scents on his shirt, you might want to check which perfume he uses regularly. This small hint is dropped by the cheater himself unintentionally and gives you every reason to report a crook.
  • Cues from Friends and Family: Has his mother always talked about how terrible a liar he was when he was a kid? When you have been laughing to her jokes about the same, also pay attention to the most important detail there- he lies. If lying is something that he has been doing since he was a kid, chances are he is still going around with the nasty habit. While kids tend to lie all the time as a kid, you can’t always spot a liar in an adult unless they are habitual or cheaters. His friends would tell some pretty important details about him too. If they really like you, they might just take pity and drop some tiny hints that say that this man is of no good to you. Process those hints and string them in a sequence before you want to report. There are very few chances of him not being a cheater despite this sign.
  • Being Extremely tired: This one is quite hard to evaluate especially if your partner is a hard working individual. However, if he has an unexpected surge of fatigue at times, it is definitely because he has been sleeping with two women at the same time. Many posts that are aimed to report cheaters & liars claim that their partners were tired and worn out, probably because of all the additional and unwanted excitement that they have been having. 
  • Text messages: If your partner is constantly over the phone sending out text messages to his “mom” or any other family member that you can’t really start an argument with, be convinced that he is texting the other woman. Go through these so called innocent text messages and small talks. Cheaters reporting forums don’t always consist of cheaters who leave their double lives easily accessible. Sometimes, they might just delete their messages and start fresh. So make sure you are always careful when it comes to noticing these “text” sessions. 
  • Social Media connections: Many women who report their cheating partners often say that they were not too careful enough to notice all the other women that tried to contact them and tell them about their cheating partners. In facebook, there is an “other” inbox where filtered messages sit without notification. Make sure you read the messages in this inbox regularly. While most of them are scams, some of them could really help your relationship if it is from people that report about your partner to you while you have your own doubts about dating a cheater. Once you are confirmed about him as a cheater, report him to make sure no one else gets to go through the painful process of dating a fake person.

My girlfriend of two years cheated on me and left me heartbroken:

I couldn’t bring myself to the fact that the woman who I was going to ask to marry me was cheating on me for more than a year. That was even more than the time that we dated. Apparently, she started two timing me with this guy from her office when we were just 6 months into the relationship. We had moved in at that time and I still had no idea that she was cheating on me. All the signs were there but I guess I was too much in love with her to notice anything else. I later went on to report her who was really my ex. This is how it started.

Amy and I met at our friend’s party and we clicked immediately. The evening was interesting and I found a beautiful and intelligent woman who laughed at my jokes and made me laugh with her wit. We exchanged numbers and soon we started dating. The sex was amazing and so was the morning after. She showed every single sign of being a good girlfriend and I just couldn’t let this one slip nor did I ever think I would report her as a cheater in future. So we started dating pretty seriously and after 11 months of dating, we moved in together. She was an accountant and she loved art. It was a rare combination and I guess that is just one of the many things that I loved about her.

She kept her old apartment to herself because she wanted some alone time to practice her painting and I was chill with it. I didn’t notice anything wrong with that, because I was a guy who needed his ‘alone time’ once in a while too. When I found out that she was cheating on me, I followed my friends’ advice on how to report her cheating and when I was explaining myself to all the people who were going to meet Amy at some point, it struck me that her alone time was not all that alone after all.

I walked in on her while she was having sex with her ‘friend from work’ in her living room. I went there to surprise Amy that evening and I was going to take her to an expensive restaurant for dinner and propose later. Now I am glad that I walked in on her way before that. Although I went on to report her as a liar and cheater, dating a cheater ruined me and here’s how.

I trusted her blindly and when she said that there was a guy hitting on her at the office, I was rarely jealous. I trusted her so much that the rare mentions of his name didn’t bother me at all. If someone told me that months later I would walk in on that guy screwing my girlfriend, I would not have believed them.

Many of you probably wonder why I went on to report her as a cheater. Well call it my own way to console myself for my stupidity but I just don’t want anyone else to get hurt the way I did. Sure love is great, and a girl like Amy walking into your life will make everything bright for you. But when you find out that a person is a serial cheater, you develop some really bad trust issues. I have been on a few dates so far and I have never crossed more than 3 dates at the max. I honestly freak out when I start falling for a girl so much that I run in the opposite direction.

My friends kept telling me for a while that when you see she is cheating on you, you got to report her. Initially I had no plans of ever wanting to report her, But one night I was bored, on the internet and came across many people and their experiences of being cheatedI knew that it would make me feel better if I was to report a cheating person. Now after I took the courage to report Amy as a cheater I feel much better because there is finally something that I can do about her. I think it is the feeling of helplessness that makes people reporting of being cheated by their partners. And I can assure that many people would have felt better after that.

Why Report a cheater?

Because it is the best thing you can do to someone you haven’t met with your experience of dating a cheater. Online sites like dating complaints, that encourage individuals to report about cheaters can be beneficial to you and other people. You can use these sites as a directory to find out if a certain person you are interested in, is a cheater. Also, by reporting selfish, unfaithful people, you can also help others understand who exactly they are dating.

The reason why many people use cheater reporting sites is because of the anonymity it provides and also because it is easier to spread the word. In order to inform others about a cheater, all that you need to do is find one or more dating complaint websites and get to work. With these sites, you can explain & share your story or personal experience about why you are reporting that person as a cheater.

For individuals that are going through posts that report a cheater there can’t be any other way for you to learn how to not get cheated on. Many men and women hope that by reporting about a liar, they finally get their revenge while others do it because of the good will that they have and make sure that no one else gets fooled. However, when someone you know has been part of another person to report a cheater, it is high time you start thinking about the relationship you have. Besides, no matter how late you find that someone cheated on you, By telling others about a cheater, you might just be saving unwanted heart breaks.

It can be a huge weight on yourself if you can’t do anything about dishonest & cheater. But when you reports about that guy, some of that weight disappears and you feel better already. The first step to moving towards a happy future is to spread words about a liar, tell others about how selfish and dishonest that cheater has been with you, this will make yourself feel better. And slowly, your life will go back to how happy and peaceful it was before you dated a cheater.


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