It’s a shame to see an old ass lady chasing married guys half her age. My friend and recently caught her husband and Thirsty Hag “jing” had been communicating. They were having some problems and my friends husband had started to communicate with her..the thing about it was my friend had gotten to the point that she felt like they needed go separate and her husband took it as she was leaving him…my Bff is gorgeous and Her husband is like a lost puppy without her and That old ass thirsty grandma didn’t realize that when she had his attention it’s cause my friend had cut him off but as soon as she called for him he was there ready to do whatever he could to keep her..Grandma had no chance competing with her…anyways, my friend confronted Grandma and she straight up lied about how she knew him or knew that he was married, ect…we found text messages from her initiating sexting…it was so sad to see lol…how thirsty this lady was…not to mention she told him she was 33 but her Social media photos have so much filters and editing that if you saw her picture and then saw her in real life you wouldn’t even know it’s her…my friends husband was a dum ass for believing that or Mustve been drunk half the time he talked to grandma clearly knew he was married and pursued him, her friend told us that she goes after younger guys and being married doesn’t really mean anything to her….Wanted to put this Hoe Bag Thirsty Dusty ass on blast…Sorry girl not sorry but you are a true and true fucken thirsty old slut! Find your own man…you wasn’t even worth him giving you an apology, he was there watching her kick your ass too…LMAO GERALDINE “JING” KAAI OR RAFAEL WHATEVER YOU OLD ASS HOMEWRECKER!

Address: 1744 Kealia Dr Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-2080
Phone: (808) 842-0781

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Geraldine Rafael

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