Fran Ruggles rotten to the core

Fran Ruggles rotten to the core

Fran Ruggles is a parasite, she has lived her life lying cheating,stealing, and scamming everyone she has come into contact with including family. Fran has had numerous extra marital affairs. On one occasion,she sent nude pictures of him to the mans wife ,children and church members,once he found out what she was really like and wanted no part of her. Fran’s ex husband caught her engaged in a s*x act with their family dog then divorced her. Fran has numerous alias names and has been receiving disability for over 20 years,for her crooked claim of being disabled . Fran is just to lazy to work a real job. Fran shoplifts from stores and sells the items online. Fran trolls the dating sites looking for men she can manipulate. Fran frequents churches through out Southern California telling the parishioners G*d speaks to her then
attempts to swindle them. This post is meant to warn people of a true sociopath.

A FRAUDCheatersComplaint Against a personFran RugglesFran Ruggles rotten to the core


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