Cory James The Most Narcissistic Person There Is

Lol I don’t even know where to start. This guy post you tube videos and videos on Facebook thinking he’s the next joe Rogan… buddy you WILL never be the next joe rogan. All he talks about is woman and pu55y. How ANYONE in there right mind would even consider touching this walking drd is beyond me! He lies ALLLLLLLL the time. His whole life is based on lies. He fails to tell his followers how he beat his ex GF of 7 years and is currently going to trial in the new year. It’s funny because I’m his videos he states that he’s so against that. … ummmmm how can you be against it when you’ve been doing it to her for 7 years? Like dude she’s got fuking PROOF you beat the fuk out of her for 7 years. Why the f**k do you think it’s going straight to trial? What a dumb a55 And now he’s trying to lure other woman in because all he wants is Love … awww poor baby. She left you because all you were doing was beating her and f**king random dirty p***y. And now he’s crying because some girl which he got tattooed on his hand lmao – can you say CRAZY!!! Has left him – hmmmm I wonder why? Because you cheated – uhhhhh DUH!!! You are not person to have just one woman. You admit to it- after like 15 years. Dude no one loves you. They never will. Like you say – YOU’RE A PIECE OF S**T

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