This witch needs to be put on blast. Have Canadians ever wondered why their taxes are so high? Well, when you have theiving crooks stealing company hours over the course of 20 years it adds up. This piece of garbage is a manager at the CRA, she’s well known for calling in sick to hang out with her friends, play tennis or attend lesbian events. (Paid sick time) Her production stats at her job reflects her non attendance but she gets away with it by telling lies and giving her employees fake bad performance reviews to cover her own a55. She’s been caught stealing supplies and also known for falsifying tax audit to benefit her stats. Everyone knows about this but she still gets away with it because her manager Les Xilke turns the other cheek and is afraid to have to do more paperwork to get rid of her. Oh, I forgot to mention she gets paid $80k+ and brags about it…all on our tax dollars.!

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