Cheating Spouses Behaves?

We have heard many stories of cheating spouse. These days such narratives are commonly heard in our neighborhood and in the office premises.

  • When do you come to know that your spouse is cheating on you?

  • Do you sense the abnormal behaviour every single moment?

  • What are its signs and symptoms?

  • Is he/she working late in the office on regular basis?

  • Does he moves out of his house or hesitates to give you any explanation when you question?

At these very moments you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you but every moment you try to discuss it him, he denies the possibility. In the absence of proof, you do not want to indulge in any argument. At this point of time, do not get confused or become panic and think for the signs and not the proofs.

Behaviours of cheating spouses:

  • The spouse loves you but you miss the passion in him:

It means he loves you but can’t love you. You miss that intense bonding. It’s because passion overrides the bond and he gets engage in someone else. They fall victim of fidelity. In spite of the number of years the couple has spent together, investing time, energy and emotions, they feel strayed away and get stuck on a wrong place. Remember, cheating spouses only considers his problem as grave. Usually they find cheating their partner as a flawless way to come out of the wedding issues. The lust and passion in the new relationship fulfills all their priorities and they find a great relief.

  • Spending too much time with a special friend:

If he says that “We are just friends”, then you should understand that both your husband and his friend bear lots of similarities that you do not have with him. Whatever is the reason but such can be cheating spouses case.

  • Demanding privacy all of a sudden:

If your spouse thrashes you when you stay always close to him listening to all his conversations, it is a sign of caution. If you are surprised that earlier you used to share all your emotions and conversations freely but now he has secured his cell phone with a password, and he hides his all computers related activities and credit card bills from you, something is not right.

  • Your spouse needs a space:

In cases of spouse cheating, your spouse may need a space from you. He needs more time to figure out his feelings and makes excuses that your presence distracts him. It’s time to ponder.

  • Change in habits:

Many spouse cover themselves by saying that they have loads of work in the office; it may be an indication of having an affair. Job pertaining issues are a common way to give excuses related to blockage of time. They might talk to you loudly saying that they are not involved in any unfair means and are burning the midnight oil wherever the case is that they are enjoying between the sheets.

  • Sitting on Computers all the time:

In the era of modern technology, online dating, chat rooms and secret email accounts are alarmingly increasing the emotional affair and the person does not have to go out to cheat the spouse. If your spouse is found often hanging on computer/laptop visiting pornographic websites, stay alarmed.

  • Always hanging with phone:

Check your husband’s phone calls and if the history is often found deleted and he is defensive about it, then it is a clear sign of cheating spouse. If you feel that your husband does not talk in front of you and finds a lonely place to talk…beware.

  • Abnormal behaviour:

When your husband fails to explain his missing time, money spent, receipts, missing clothes and articles, you should start keeping a track on him as the cheating spouses reveal such an abnormal behaviour often.

  • Your own intuition:

Sometimes your own senses ring the bell and you keep convincing yourself that he is not cheating on you; instead of doing that carry some investigation and talk to him regarding your reason for suspicion. Do it in a peaceful and courteous manner. Ask the reason of infidelity.

What to do in such cases?

  • If this is the case with you, share your thoughts with your spouse and you will feel the relieved. Stay honest in your relationship.

  • When both of you talk openly, both of you can figure out the reasons. The reasons can be-

  • dominating the spouse

  • dismissive about each other’s feelings

  • Financial irresponsibility

  • Spending insufficient time with family

  • Sexual rejection

  • Too much work pressure

  • Things not going well after marriage

  • After discussion, both the partner should understand each other’s perspectives.

  • The cheating spouse case may not hold genuine if your spouse has changed job. However, if he suddenly starts planning for out of town jobs on the weekends, the other partner should volunteer to accompany him. Occasionally working with a member of opposite sex also turns an innocent relationship into an unhealthy situation and the wife should reveal that she is not happy when her husband is coming too close to her. Use your institution and analyse the situation. All time change of habit does not mean that the husband is wrong but wife needs to pay attention.

Remember, people having affair are outstanding liars.


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