Brittney Norris — Indiana – Expose Homewreckers

Each of Brittney’s b*****s is larger than her head and she blames always being on her back on her tig ol’ bitties, says it’s easier to bear the load. Guys drop loads all over her t**s and face. She sends nudes and waits for the calls, cheaters can’t help themselves. Sometimes she works out of her sister’s garage, where she serviced one cheater for the entire time his wife was pregnant.

They didn’t name the kid after her, but dude kind of liked the idea, a way to remember all those loads he dropped on Brittney. He had to give her up, got caught and had to change diapers. She lost that steady dripper.

Brittney NorrisBrittney Norris — IndianaCheatersComplaint Against a person


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