Bo Ratliff/Boris Ratliff/ Boris Steiner – Scottsdale

Bo Ratliff/Boris Ratliff/ Boris Steiner

Bo Ratliff/Boris Ratliff/ Boris Steiner from Chaparral High School who is now 30, is the devil in disguise. He sleeps with any woman that will put out. He is the partial owner of Lion Craft which is known all over Scottsdale. He has DRDs and admits to it if confronted, but says you can’t catch it if he doesn’t have an outbreak. He is the best smooth talker I’ve ever met and treats women like they are his girlfriend while keeping them in limbo. He truly is the reason ASU has such a high STD rate. Blast this douchebag so other women can protect themselves because I know 3 women who have been infected by him. Shame on you Boris Ratliff, you should know better. It’s illegal in Arizona to have a contagious disease and not take proper measures to prevent transmission yet he never uses condoms with anyone.



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