Armik Babakhanians The Fraud – Expose Homewreckers

The lying, cheating immigrant piece of trash on the left is Amrik Babakhanians. The one on the right is the lying cheating piece of trash Sam Katz. But we all know who Sam Katz is and what kind of piece of shi t he is. Let’s talk about the immigrant fraud Amrik. The guy who sukked Sam Katz off in his office to get ”ahead” or just to give head. As part of an ongoing fraud investigation, RCMP allege in court documents that Caspian’s owner Armik Babakhanians gave former city CAO Phil Sheegl a $200,000 commission and that Sheegl split the money with Katz. Caspian was awarded the contract to build the Graham Avenue police station, a project that went nearly $80 million dollars over budget. This piece of sh1t immigrant ripped off the city and us taxpayers on a grand scale and they are laughing all the way to the bank while us taxpayers act like nothing happened. Great job people of Winnipeg! I work in construction and had a meeting with this clown and was disgusted by his jokes about how much money he made in the deal where he overcharged by millions on the police headquarters. As far as the investigation goes, he stated the RCMP and the people of Winnipeg are his bytch and he’s not worried about the ongoing case against him. (There’s also some wrongdoings with the Canada Post Mail Plant that was built) His son Gilbert is a class example of like father like son. He goes around town saying he can have any girl he wants cause all girls in Winnipeg are golddiggers and his dad his rich. But the kicker is that Gilbert also runs his own little business landscaping and snow plowing. He confessed to a mutual friend that it is just a phony business he’s set up to help launder his dad’s ill gotten gains. What’s worse is I heard from a customer of his who I live a few house down from that he was seen exposing himself to his 15 year old daughter while he was over doing some work on the yard and was instantly fired! What a piece of work these lying, cheating, thieving immigrants are! Gilbert can be seen hanging out at Osborne or in Tuxedo trying to pick up girls and then talk about how they were just another golddigging sloot that he used and abused and threw away like the trash that she is. Amrik also cheats on his wife daily with office sloots. He makes no secret of it either. Apparently he believes he can get away with anything. Well people of Winnipeg, you see this a hole Amrik the fraud or Gilbert the mini fraud, spit in their faces and remind them that the people of Winnipeg don’t take too kindly to con artists and thieves! As for you Sam Katz…you are the biggest piece of trash next to Amrik! Hope you get cancer you ugly thief! Amrik you too you immigrant piece of trash!

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