Allan Baxter — Rolled Out Hood Hooper

Allan Baxter is a short little shrimp that’s trys acting g but he’s really just a weak goof with little man syndrome. Used to represent native syndicate until he got rolled out for raping little now girls now he’s calming hes MBF but none of us know this clown this guys a fuking joke that hides out in north end at his half way house never comes outside just talks tough over the internet but when you see him In person he runs and hides. Guy raped my friends little sister while she was passed out drunk. You can’t hide for ever Allan you know who this is and we know all about you Allan. Next time your in stony don’t go to PC come to GP will be waiting.

Allan BaxterAllan Baxter — Rolled Out Hood HooperComplaint Against a personWinnipeg


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